Agman Bob 1966 General Manager
Allen Barbara Recruitment Officer
Allen Tony Systems Development Manager
Allievi Irene Agency Manager, Allievi SpA, Italy
Andersen Kurt
Anderson Barbara
Anderson Jeff
Andrew Derek Manager, Repair Services
Angelopulo Dimitri Died February 2004 Agency Manager, Greece Obituary
Angelopulo Spiro Agency Manager, Greece
Arden Denise
Asano Fumio Japan
Aspden David Purchasing Manager
Avenell Tom
Barnard Lisa M.D. Illustrated London News Group
Barrow Jean Dec. 1974 Secretary
Barry Paul
Bass Marc Died August 2012 IS Communications Analyst
Bath Leigh-Ann Storage Leasing Manager
Bather Colin Sep-77 1991 (died 1996) Vice-President Orient Express Hotels Obituary
Batt Wayne 1967 1970 Containerships
Bayduk Vic President, CCC, west coast USA (Agents)
Baylis David
Bennett Brian 1975 July 2001 - Retired General Manager, GESeaco Brian's retirement party
Bennett Mark
Benson David Senior Vice President, Ferry and Port Holdings
Bethune Mary Secretary and PA to Jim Sherwood
Beveridge James VP Administrtion and Property
Bicarregui Joe
Bird Bernie
Bird Michael Communications
Bisset James Managing Director, Fairways and Swinford
Blaker Bob Manager, Sea Containers Ltd., London
Blow David
Boddy Ron
Bodkin Bill
Bog Alan 1979 1984 Post-Fixture Manager, Ship Division  
Brassington Bill General Manager, Technical Services
Bray David
Brebner Neville
Brett Sarah
Brewer Malcolm
Bridle Colin
Britten Debbie Apr-89 Aug-02 European Operations Correspondence
Broad Simon
Broadhurst Ian
Broadhurst Mike
Brodrick Peter Cranes
Brook David IS Project Manager
Brooks Patti Positioning Manager, GESeaco South Carolina Correspondence
Brown Ted Treasury Accountant
Brown Walter
Brownsea Brian 1983 2005 Senior Engineer, Reefer Projects Correspondence
Burnham Norman Aug-79 2008 General Manager, Domestic Leasing
Butcher Jan Secretary to David Carpenter
Byrne Dee
Byrne Eilish
Cain Brian
Callaghan Mike
Calvert Philip
Camp  Charles
Campbell Ed
Campbell Pamela
Campbell Ray
Canfield Lucie CVSOE
Carolan Peter IS Production Manager
Carpenter David Development Director, Property Services
Casadio Maria
Cathell Randall General Manager & Tax Director
Cespedes Rene
Chapman Geoff Agency Manager, Gray Mackenzie, UAE
Chapman Jacqueline
Chapman Nicky
Chapman Tina
Charnock Lauren
Chase Patrick
Che  Raphael Agency Manager, Swire Shipping, Hong Kong
Cheetham Jack Died Dec. 2010
Christiansen Dieter Regional Manager, Sea Containers GmbH
Clark Karen Secretary
Clark Lorraine Switchboard Operator
Clarke Alison
Clarke Conrad
Clarke Pam PA to Tony Hopkins
Clarke Robert 1989
Clemo Freddie Died 1999 Sea Containers agent in the Philippines Obituary
Clive-Smith Martin Engineering Department
Coke Smythe Jeremy Operations 
Collett Michael
Collins David General Manager, Ship Division
Cooper Ken
Copeland Richard
Cornwell John
Costello Thelma
Coulson James Retired General Manager, Specials
Coupland Richard
Cousins Tricia
Cowley Mike Engineering Department Correspondence
Coy Peter Reefer and tank marketing Correspondence
Crossan Kathy Died August 20, 2014 Secretary, Property and Administration Division
Crowley Bernadette General Manager, British Isles
Dabrowski Barry Container control
Dalley Jean
Daniels Norman
Dann James An original shareholder in Old Jewry
Darton Andrew 1979-1982 Maintenance Department Correspondence
Darton Laurie Died 2006 Maintenance Manager
Dawe Rodney
De Anil
de Berc Arnault
de Grimston Robert Container control, SCL
Dearden Tony
Debuire Claude Agency Manager, Sea Containers, France
Delfino Marcello Technical Marketing Assistant, Tanks
de Schepper Pierre Belgian agent
de Silva Edgar Sept 1986` Nov-98 Systems Manager
Dixon Jeff
Donnelly Elizabeth Personnel Manager
Doubleday Geoff
Downs Christine
Dray Nick Sales Supervisor, Tanks
Driskel Lynda 2000
Drouth Douda Agency Manager, Drouth S.A., Switzerland
Duce Ron Died 2015 Sales Manager, Tanks
Dunphy Eileen
Dyke Peter General Manager
Eade Keith Technical Services Manager, Reefers
Earls Bill IS Production Support Analyst
Elbaz Abraham Agency Manager, Sea Containers, Spain
Eliasson Jan-Erik
Elliot Keith
Elsworth David
Elsworth Jan
Espinosa Bokmee Finance Department, Secretary to M.V. Nagda
Evans Andrew Correspondence
Everson John
Ewerth Karin German agent in the 1970s - See Peter Ewerth
Ewerth Peter Died 1999 German agent (in Gerd Buss) in the 1970s Obituary
Ewig Tom Agency Manager, OEI, easters USA
Falciai Allesandro
Farbridge Ruth
Faulkner Ed Agency Manager, California Cargo Containers
Faulkner Menno Account Manager
Faulkner Tracy
Ferguson Barrie
Ferriman Paul
Fiebig Willy
Finch Bob General Manager
Finch Lee
Ford Elaine
Foster Gary Agency Manager, UK
Foster John Jul-69 Jan 88 (Deceased) Assistant Manager, Engineering
Fowler Tracey
Fraser Stephen
Frew Angus Vice President, Container Division
Frimley Anne
Fugosic Mate Sales Manager, Transjug Rijeka
Furneaux Michelle
Furze Paul Correspondence
Gauthier Valerie
Geissler Stefan Operations Manager, SC Germany from 1980s
George Peter Aug-73 Dec-74 Assistant to VP Sales (Don Turner) Correspondence
Gibbons John
Gibson Ian Agency Manager, Consolidated Services, Thailand
Giles Stuart Regional Manager
Gill Martyn 1976 Apr-90 Tank Container Engineer.  Deceased Dec. 2000 Obituary
Glass Peter
Goggia Antonio Senior Engineer, SC Italia
Goodson Audrey Retired Feb. 2003 Secretary to Rob Ward and Angus Frew Audrey's (and Rob's) retirement party
Gordon Kevin Dec-79 Oct-07 Systems Manager
Gourlay Maureen Secretary, Ferry & Port Holdings
Graham Valerie Secretary, Financial Services Dept.
Graveling Malcolm Manager, Group Information Services
Green Richard Manager, Contracts and Systems
Grimm Joe Sales Rep. Sea Containers West
Groom Mike
Haas Lauren Operations, SC France.  
Halpin Moira Group Accountant, Ferry & Port Holdings
Hansen Preben
Harfield Susan Secretary, Legal Services Department
Harrison Denise
Harrison Dawn Secretary to D.J. O'Sullivan
Harrison Jonathan
Hart  Norman Managing.Director. Hart, Fenton & Co.
Hartnoll Chris Agency Manager, Sea Consortium, Singapore
Harvey Lynn Public Relations
Hassett Clive Engineer
Hatton John General Manager, Reefers
Hawtin Steve
Hedger Peter 1980 Retired Senior Engineer, FMD
Helmich Karl
Henderson Pamela Receptionist, Vogue House
Henry Delia
Hesse Kit
Hetherrington Edwin V.P. Legal Services Department
Hickling Phil Agency Manager, Seatrans, New Zealand
Ho Kevin Manager, Sea Containers Netherlands
Hoare David
Hoare Veronica
Hogan Neville
Hogg Linda
Holden Richard
Holmes Walker John Engineering Department Correspondence
Holt Chris PR Department Correspondence
Hopkins Tony General Manager, Operations
Horne Margaret Jan 2005 retired Senior Assistant, Regional Manager Correspondence
Hughes Beatrice
Hughes Terry Engineering Manager, Reefers
Hulme Piers Purchasing Manager
Hume Ken Vice President, Ships
Humphrey Rochelle Office Manager
Humphrys Lana
Hutchins Moya PA and Secretary, Specials
Hutton Bob
I'Anson Robin Died Feb 2012 Obituary
Irving Robert
Jeffery John
Jefferies Chris 1979 1993 Sales with SCL and then SC Charleston USA Correspondence
Jimenez Francisco Correspondence
Johnstone Mark
Jones David Regional Manager
Jones Ivor
Jones Terry 1980 2001 (retired) Senior Engineer, Reefers Died ca 2011
Kaskow Maria
Kaspers Emile
Keddie Fiona Solicitor, Legal Services Department
Keir John General Manager
Kellock James
Kendall Norman Retired Engineering Manager, SC America
Khoo Edwin
King Alan
King Philip
Knowles Cyril
Koike Operations Manager, Sea Containres Tokyo
Krishnan Para
Kroner Maurice
Kuecker Ted Agency Manager, ICC, midwestern USA
Kühl Flemming Area Manager, Denmark
Kulp Robert
Kuster Willem Mar-85 Died Nov 2003 Specials Manager GESeaCo Antwerp Obituary
Ladd Jo
Lane Joe
Langsworthy Carol
Large Dennis
Large Dick Agency Manager, Swire Hong Kong
Laughton Margaret
Lavey Andrew
Lawrence Stephen
Letts Joe
Leveque Christian
Levy Sandra
Leyer Nico Agency Manager, Swire Shipping, Hong Kong
Lindrum Hans Agency Manager, Alraine, Nigeria
Lowe Alastair Jul-78 Nov-80 Assistant Marketing Manager, Ship Division
Lustig Marion Secretary to Robin I'Anson
Lucas Geoffry Mar-76 Oct-80 Marketing Manager, Ship Division
Luypen Hans
Luypen Henk Dutch agent
Luypen Mary
Maas Gershon Agent in Israel
Madell Alan Oct-70 Dec-72 Design Engineer Correspondence
Mangini Ferrucio
Mangini Giuseppe
Marcinko Ivo Agency Manager, Transjug, Jugoslavia
Marie Cedric Purchasing Manager
Mather Richard May-80 Sept-85 (Deceased) Regional Manager France & francophone Africa Obituary
McBrearty Maggie Secretary to David Collins
McCaffrey John Obituary
McCarthy John 1979 1990 Engineering Purchasing.  Deceased Dec. 2001
McCarthy Frances General Manager, Sea Containers Australia
McCleery Robyn
McCoy Dean Group Collections Manager
McGrath Barry Assistant Sales Manager
McIntosh Linda Secretary, Marketing Department
McLeod Toni
McNearney Declan Accountant, Finance Division
Meikle Mary 1969 1987 Container control.   Correspondence
Mensinga Robert Director, South America
Merritt Paul General Marketing Manager, Reefers
Milne Christopher
Milner Trevor Dec-71 Jul 90 (died 1997) Manager Sea Containers British Isles Obituary
Mizukami Nami Japan Correspondence
Molloy Gary
Molony Peter
Monaghan Sheila
Moon David
Moody Don Died February 2004 Chief Accountant, Factories and Depots
Moore Dick 1977 2000 Senior Engineer, Purchasing Department
Moro Marino Agency Manager, Allievi SpA, Italy
Mortleman Nigel
Mosley John
Mullen Nick
Mullen Pat
Mulvihill Catherine 1986 Assistant, Mediterranean and Australasia
Myles Roy
Nagda Mahendra Vice President, Financial Controller
Neerland Siggen
Nessfield Stan
Nielsen Arnild Agency Manager, ICO, Denmark
Nordstrom Veli Died July 2003 Agency Manager, CML Oy, Finland Obituary
Olech Carol
O'Sullivan Daniel  Chief Financial Officer
Pacey John
Parker John
Parker Mary See Meikle, Mary
Parnell John Chief Accountant, Illustrated London News
Parodi Marina
Pawsey Ted Director, Hart, Fenton & Co
Peake Elaine Secretary PA to Don Turner
Pearson Denise
Peploe Martin
Pepper Andrew Deputy General Manager, Reefers
Pepper Jim San Francisco
Pepper Stephen Regional Manager, France
Perkin Chris
Perkins Andrew IS Projects Manager
Persson Bill Agency Manager, Sea Containers Netherlands
Phillips Ben Operations Manager, SC London 1980s
Pierce Guy Jul-73 Nov. 1986 Operations Manager, Container Division Correspondence
Piper Steve Group Chiev Accountant
Pittock George
Pointon Donna Marketing Assistant, Reefers
Powell Arlene
Poynder Tony General Manager, Crane Department
Price Simon Senior V.P. GESeaco Asia
Pyett Gary Information Services Division
Quinton Trevor
Rasmussen Arvid Managing Director, Sea Containers Australia
Rea Irene Chief Accountant, Ferry & Port Holdings
Reed Linda
Richardson David
Richmond Sue Secretary to Tony Poynder
Riggs Robert Director, GESeaCo
Rigney Julie
Ritchie David
Roberts Jackie Parts and Service Manager, Reefers
Robson Iris
Robson Elaine
Rogers George Accounts manager
Rogers Roma Secretary to John Holmes Walker
Roine John
Ronchi Serge Agency Manager, Drouth S.A., Switzerland
Ross Kenneth
Ross Wallace Ian
Routledge Ian Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Rubery Colin General Manager, Tanks
Russell Carol
Sakalarios Evan
Sales Tony
Samuels Eileen
Samuels Elaine
Sarll Ginny
Sasse David IS Operations Support Analyst
Saul Chris May-75 Aug-90 IT Operations (Systems)
Scawn Mike
Scharer Dorothea
Scheunstuhl Fabio
Schlee Philip Director
Selby Bob Director, Hart, Fenton & Co
Sepe Peter Deputy Financial Officer, GESeaCo
Seymour Dick
Seynaeve Pierre Agent in Belgium
Sheppard Donna 1998``` 2006 Marketing Assistant, Reefers
Sheppard Peter Technical Services Manager, Reefers
Sherwood Charles Director
Sherwood James Blair President and Chairman Grice and Reave Interviews
Sherwood Simon
Simmons Mike Managing Director, Sea Containers Hong Kong Correspondence
Sinclair Brian
Sinclair Joseph 1966 1982 General Manager
Sisodia Shani
Skrehot Gary Died 21 May 2013`` See correspondence
Smith Chas
Smith Martin Chief Financial Accountant
Smith Trevor
Snow Vivien Secretry to Edwin Hetherington
Soares Sousa Manuel Agency Manager, CNN, Portugal
Sommerwill John Systems Manager
Spencer Ann
Stafford Andrew
Stead Elsie
Steeden Hugh
Steel Gordon
Stephens Jeanne
Stevenson Thelma
Stewart Susan
Stoner Diane
Storey Maurice Ship division Correspondence
Stracey Mike Executive Vice-President, Finance
Straffen Bob Vice President, Operations
Stribley Nigel
Swainson Paul
Tatham Nigel Died December 2016 Senior Vice-President, Ships.   Obituary
Thomas Mike
Thomas Ray
Thomas Rosemary Worked for John Witton in Birmingham.
Thomas Steve Correspondence
Thompson Russell Assistant Manager, Projects
Thornton Kevin
Tiney Jenny PA to J.B.Sherrwood
Tingle David
Tomison Maureen Director of Communications
Torretta Ralph Retired Nov. 2001 Ralph's retirement party 
Tour Tugdual de la Agency Manager, Manuter, Morocco
Touyet John
Towell Gary
Tozer Nick
Trussler Dennis Engineer
Tsigaridis-Parodi Marina
Turner Don Jan 2, 1968 June 30, 1986 Executive Vice-President Leasing
van Pelt Chris General Manager, Credit Risk & Commercial Accts.
van Strydonck Guy
Voorwinde Rob
Walker Johnston 1979 1982 Container Crane Dept/Asst. Regional Manager Correspondence
Wall David
Walmsley Diane
Walsh Gwen Secretary, Finance Division
Ward Rob Retired Jan, 2003 President and CEO GESeaco Obituary
Watters Jackie
Webster Nigel Regional Manager
Wheeler John Project Manager, Reefers
Wheeler Ted Manager, Maintenance and Repair
Wheelhouse Tina
White Carol Died August 5, 2013 Pensions & Benefits Manager, Personnel Dept. Obituary
White Jim Apr-69 Apr-74 Manager Northern Europe/USSR - Director SCL/SCSL
White Susan
Whiteman Ian Taxation Accountant, Finance Division
Whittam Steve
Wicks Mike Died Dec. 2010
Wilkinson Grace Secretary to Bob Finch
Wille Heinz Died February 1999 European Manager for Trafpak Obituary
Williams Mel Vice President, Operations
Wilson Graham Administration Manager, YMCL
Winn Linda
Witton John
Woit Erik 1983 1997 (died) Senior Vice President Sea Containers Ltd Obituary
Wong Gee-May Contracts and Data Assistant
Wood Angela
Woodberry Jean Payroll Manager
Worsfold Matthew Senior Engineer
Wrigglesworth Steve IT Telecoms Analyst
Wright David
Yasuda Tada President, Sea Containers Japan
Yeldham Martin Regional Accounts Manager
Young David
Yusuf Zekiye Orient Express, Secretary to Simon Sherwood
Zurinskas Betty Manager, Commercial Support, Operations