[Received May 23, 2003]

Some Info re me


After leaving Sea Containers for the second time in 1987/88, I worked for Xtra for a year or so before a brief period abroad as a "lady of leisure".


Upon my return I was put in touch with Peter Coy by John Touyet and find (much to my surprise) that I am still here, 18 years later!


We were initially agents for IOL as well as doing some international leasing ourselves. More recently we have focused our attention on the UK domestic market  so instead of dealing with shippers/agents we find we are talking to truckers and builders.


We have pleasant offices in Kew - visitors welcome.


Memories of Sea Containers . . .   so many, but  not all are printable.


I do remember from the Old Jewry days - Peter Maloney opened an account for us at Rymans nearby.  If we needed any stationery we went along and charged the account -there was only one stipulation - In order for items to be charged we had to spend a minimum of 1!! - sometimes this could be difficult and  we came away with things we did not need, but it was 1967!



Mary Meikle  


[Note from Editor: Mary Meikle will be remembered by some as Mary A. Parker, her maiden name under which she joined Sea Containers at Old Jewry.  Many will also recall that her initials, MAP, were used to identify the original container database (MAP1, MAP2, etc.]