Retirement Notice – Dick Moore (Originally published in GE SeaCo News of Spring 2001)


Dick Moore joined Sea Containers’ Engineering Department in 1977 after a distinguished career in the Royal Navy.


He made a typically energetic contribution to what was then a new but rapidly expanding function in a growing industry. His specialisation was tank containers, which always captured his particular interest.


Some ten years later, as the happy result of a reorganisation of the company, Dick joined the Purchasing Department as a Senior Engineer.  His brief was to help negotiate with manufacturers for all types of containers and, having done so, write the specification and them implement it in full on site.


Although tanks were his speciality, he quickly added reefers and all the dry freight types, being promoted to manager of the section along the way.  His influence during more than 20 years in the industry has been immense and truly worldwide, as the industry has constantly shifted its fulcral point.  Currently it  is China, and there the influence is as strong as ever.


Dick worked consistently hard and conscientiously, but, as most of us know to our cost, had a wicked sense of humour.  He also went out of his way to be helpful.  He deserves his retirement, which we all hope will be long and enjoyable.

 David Aspden