March 15, 2012 

Hi Joe 

Please find attached photo’s.

They were taken in 1994 at a summer ball – Waldorf? Not sure on venue. 

Picture one shows from left to right, Karin Van Oers (was Plath) – I think she was in EOPS working for Peter Glass and Jeff Dixon only during 1994. Paula Lelliott – secretary to Ted Wheeler, Peter Hedgeretc. Then myself – Debbie Britten (was Kerley at that time). 

Picture two shows from left to right, Jeff Dixon – not a very good expression! Myself and then in back ground Karin Van Oers. 

Picture three shows myself and in back ground coming down the stairs Betty Zurinskas. 

Please use the photo’s if you wish to and think they are good enough! I was six weeks from giving birth when they were taken! 

My dates are working for Peter Glass and Jeff Dixon and then finally Les Kawoh in EOPS – European Operations, from April 1989 when it was first formed in Charter House, Ashford, Kent and then Sea Containers House, London (EOPS was relocated there in 1990) until August 2002  when I was made redundant. During this time at the start of 1995 I was set up working from home part time with a computer via a link into the server until I left. I understand that I was the only Seaco person to do that! I even lived in Sweden during 1999 and the job went with me there!  

Kind Regards

Debbie Britten

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