Message from Francisco Jimenez in Madrid - March 2004


Dear Joe, 

Many thanks for your words.  The magnitude of the attack was something indeed that nobody could have suspected.  Although we all expected the 'local gang' to do something one of these days, as I say, the massive impact of the bombing, and specially the target (early people going to work) made us immediately think there was some other people involved.  Local gang has never used that kind of target, and usually forewarns of the time and place, and this didn't happen this time. 

The other reading of this is the object of the attack happening just shortly before general elections of Sunday 14th March has been with the deliberate purpose of changing the course of the voters' attitude and make them go against the ruling party.  The background of it might well be that this is the price to be paid for joining forces against global terrorism, although in present times you never know what is less damaging. 

Tina in the office takes that train some times, although luckily not last Thursday. 

Very thoughtful of you. 

Kind regards,