From Chris Holt, March 13, 2003


Well done Joe, I have just systematically worked my way through the cartoons
and I had forgotten most of them but 'twas lovely to have the memories flooding back.

You have done a super job with the website. Do try and find a way of including a photo of me from the Simpson's do; the one with Rob and his twitching remark would be great.

What struck me at Simpson's was, because I haven't seen most of the people since I left, is how freakin' old everyone looked (excluding you and Rob of course). Why not show a series of
head and shoulders then and now photo comparisons, which would really drive home the "OLD" LAGS idea.Better still, make it a mix and match competition like the popular mags do with famous people when they were kids - you know the sort of thing.  Another idea is "Where are they now?".... a Dog breeder in Dorset, selling The BIg Issue in the East End, a conman in Croydon etc.

I would love to help you do some more funny drawings  by the way; it would be just like old times.

My best,


From Chris Holt, May 20, 2003


We in the PR department were always keen on pet names for people.

Apart from JBS, most people were known simply by their surnames, such as Tatham, Stracey, Dyke, Glass etc. 

However, Rob was always Rob which is interesting.

Occasionally, more elaborate names would stick such as "The Sleeping Partner" after MJLS caught Chris Perkin asleep behind his copy of The Guardian one lunchtime at Hanover Square; [The late] Thelma Stevenson was known as "Madame Lagoube" so called by Billy Hamilton because of  her lagoubrious [sic] manner and because she always gave him a hard time; Gordon Steele and Preben Hansen became "Hamish & Danish" (hat's off to the person who thought of THAT one) and my name for (the big fat PR man whose real name I have forgotten) was "Jabba the Hut" after seeing Star Wars with my son - everyone liked that and he is still referred to as "Jabba" to this day.

Can you add to this cornucopia of nick-names?