Obituary Notice – Martyn Gill (Originally published in GE SeaCo Newsletter of Spring 2001)


Martyn Gill of Stolt-Nielsen’s Tank Container Division, and one of the world’s foremost tank container engineers, passed away on December 5, 2000 after a short illness.


He began his involvement with tank containers in 1978 when he was seconded from Sea Containers’ engineering department to the leasing division’s tank section.  He immediately began to work on the classic Sea Containers beam tank, introducing modifications which brought important improvements to the basic design.


Martyn Gill joined Sea Containers in 1976 and left in April 1990 upon the sale of the tank fleet to Tiphook, following the takeover bid.  He refused to join Tiphook and, together with Preben Hansen and Hugh Steeden, started a tank leasing business for Stolt-Nielsen.  He was married to a cousin of Bernadette Cowley.