Obituary – Peter Ewerth

Peter Ewerth died in 1999.


It was with regret that I learned of the recent death of Peter Ewerth, formerly of Gerd Buss, Hamburg.  Peter was a sea captain and the son of a sea captain and looked every inch the part, being tall, blond, and very typically north German.


In the early seventies I came to know Peter well, and his wife Karin, who together led the SCI team within our agents Gerd Buss in the very successful development of the German leasing market.  Peter’s working career was tragically cut short by blindness, and he and Karin moved outside Hamburg and opened a business serving yachtsmen on the nearby river.  I had the opportunity to visit them only once, but was tremendously impressed by the courage displayed by Peter in dealing with his disability.


It is some 30 years since those early days of containerisation and a great debt is owed to men like Peter Ewerth.


By Jim White

(first published in GE SeaCo newsletter of Spring 1999)