Honouring the retirement of Brian Bennett

Sea Containers House, Friday July 27, 2001

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"We are gathered here" "Don't be scared, Brian" "There, isn't that better?" "Hong Kong has never recovered"
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"Never touch anything stronger" "Honestly, it was that small" "That was with his hairpiece" A bouquet for Dawn
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It's been nice knowing you. We had to expurgate this one Salz und Pfeffer Please don't mention the war
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"No, Brian, this is the way a gentleman does it." Two birds with one Pierre Monday mornings were never the same again From the desk of: new occupant

Pictures from top left, row by row.

(1) RSW, BEB and Dawn Bennett; (2 and 3) Alison Clarke and BEB; (4) RSW, BEB and RGF examining blow-up of participants at Hong Kong conference 1974; (5) Mr & Mrs B; (6) Mrs RSW (Maggie);  (7) RSW, BEB and RFG; (8) Dawn Bennett; (9) RSW and BEB; (10) RSW and BEB; (11) Karl Helmich and Andrew Pepper; (12) Karl Helmich and Pierre Seynaeve; (13) RSW and BEB; (14) Pierre Seynaeve and Pierre de Schepper; (15) BEB, RSW and RGF; (16) IR takes over BEB's desk.


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