Honouring the retirement of Ralph Torretta

Sea Containers House, Friday November 23, 2001

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"A piece of cake" says Ralph Audrey looks disbelieving What are they plotting? Three lovely ladies
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Anzac reunion Francine and JS I'm sure I put it here  Here it is, Rob
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RSW: "I believe it's something to do with computers" I really don't remember drinking it It's been nice knowing you . . . I think! Ralph and Dianne
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I really didn't sleep with the lady . . . . . . but I can't help smiling at the memory The flowers are just an excuse for the kiss Mel: "It's not that I don't trust you . . . "
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The photographer gets in on the act JS and Jean "And where did you say you put it?" Karlene and Jean
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This is the life!  So who's going to guide your Dad's plane now? Something doesn't quite smell right "No, Brian, you can't take Ralph's job

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