Text of email message received May 18, 2003




I got your email via Mary regarding the website you have constructed re: Seaco Old Boys.....


There are al ot of them as no doubt you are aware.....


I joined in July '73 (hired by A De Berc) but ended up working for Bob Blaker in North .Row in SCL, then after 6 months was ''promoted'' to Park St, working under Andrew Lavey, managing the tanks and reefers.


There were just the two of us then and I had the fortune (misfortune?) of sharing an office with Tony Hopkins, Peter George and John Touyet which was challenging to say the least....


More challenging was our endeavours to try and make the''COLDWRAP'' reefers work and plugging the holes in the ''KUKLA'' tanks !


I left in Dec 1974 to work with Interpool in London until they sent me to France in 1976 to head up a new French Office with responsibilities for Iberia and Switzerland as well.


Arnault De Berc, no less ,then took over my role in 1980 in Interpool Paris and I went to Geneva to resolve a myriad of problems that awaited me at CATU Containers.


This took me pretty much everywhere on the globe until I left them to start Containental Ltd in 1982 working out of my house in Chiswick with various ancillary admin services provided for me by none other than Joe Sinclair !


I had the ''European Agency'' of Interocean Leasing USA which was a ''breakaway'' group from Interpool who operated about 30,000 TEU until taken over by Textainer in 1998.


I was looking for an Operations Manager in 1985,when John Touyet suggested that a ''young lady'' who used to work for Seaco had returned to the UK from Switzerland and was ''looking for work'' in the container industry.


Mary Meikle has unfortunately found herself ''sold into slavery'' ever since with no break clause or ''early return option'' possible under her terms of employment.


She continues to control my fleet of containers under the MAP 107 programme and we have finally got rid of the T-cards....


Containental today employs about 17 people with subsidiaries in Le Havre,Aberdeen, orthampton.


It is involved in ''Offshore Containers'',Self-storage and domestic sales and rentals of new and used containers


I continue to keep contact with a few ex:Seaco employees viz: David Young, Ian Routledge, John Touyet ,Keith Elliot, Nigel Stibley, Charles Camp, John Holmes Walker to name but a few........


I still have some ''early'' pictures from my Seaco days going back to the '70's which might be of use, 'll have to go into the attic one of these days...


Joe this is just a ''precis'' of the last 30 years which might assist.


Good work and Good Luck with the website.


Best Rgds


Peter Coy


Containental/Containerland Group

298 Sandycombe Road