Email received from Andrew Darton on January 11, 2011


Dear Joe

I'm not sure if you will remember me but my name is Andrew Darton,  the
son of Laurie Darton. I worked at Sea Co from 1979-1982 with dad in the

Maintenance Dept.  I'm sure you will remember dad as he worked there for
over 20 years. Unfortunately he passed away in October 2006 after a
short illness.

Do you remember Lorraine Clark?  She worked on the switchboard in Hanover
and Sea Co House and worked for Sea Co for 21 years. We got in
touch with each other again after 26 years via Friends Reunited and we
got married last October.

It seems strange but we often speak about our time at Sea Co. I know all
the old names and Lorraine remembers the more recent ones.
Are you in touch with my uncle Donald Turner? He is well and lives in

We found your site via Sea Co on Facebook and it has brought back many
memories for both of us.


Sadly we missed the last reunion which was last November but hopefully
we will be able to make the next one.