I am playing your version of G & S's Modern Major-General as I type this reply.


I have looked at the list of names of alumni and it brought a lump to my throat to read the names of the people I knew and loved so well while I was at SC:


John Foster, Joe Letts, Simon Broad, Norman Daniels, Ken Ross, Maureen Gourlay, Cyril Knowles, Alan King to name but a few!




I joined in October 1970 as a contract design engineer to work for John Foster and David Tingle. In the June of 1971 I was invited to join the staff and did so. I left in November 1972 to become a Sales Associate with Hambro Life Assurance -it seemed a good idea at the time, as they say. Actually Hambro was a happy time for me too but I will NEVER forget Sea Containers.


I don't have a photograph of me at the time,



Best regards


Alan Madell

(May 8, 2003)