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Issue 10 - July 2014

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It's been a wonderful art-filled period since the last blog.  Books, plays, exhibitions and fairs.  What a great introduction to late Spring and early Summer.

SelfMadeHero books for review. One is never too old to learn or relearn valuable lessons . . . more

Graphic Novels.  So what have I learned about graphic novels?  Well I must confess immediately that . . . more

Coincidences abound.  Vincent van Gogh keeps popping up.  For several decades I've had the habit of picking up . . . more

Small publishers at Peckham Pelican and the Free Library.  Another spin-off from the London Book Fair via the SelfMadeHero graphic book connection, I am really grateful . . . more

Wot? No Fish!!  I'm grateful to daughter Caroline for taking me to the one-man show . . . more

Playgoing.  The theatre is a very important part of my Bromley family's activities and . . . more

(1) To find the music and lyrics of this mediaeval song click the link below from which you can also access Geoff Walker's remarkable website of Mediaeval, Renaissance and Baroque music for recorders



 This is a companion site to the online New Nurturing Potential  magazine.

Please provide your contributions in the form of articles, book reviews, or "Letters to the Editor" prior to September 12, 2014 for inclusion in the Autumn 2014 issue of New Nurturing Potential.  


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Telephone: +44 (0) (208)  958 5462


The following books are available for review.

Knowledge & Presuppositions by Michael Blome-Tillmann.  Published by OUP.

"I'm Sorry For What I've Done" - The Language of Courtroom Apologies - by M. Catherine Gruber.  Published by OUP.



The following books have  been allocated for review.

How Children Learn to Write Words by Rebecca Treiman & Brett Kessler.  Published by OUP.  Reviewer Penelope Waite.

Twentieth-Century War and Conflict A concise encyclopedia edited by  Gordon Martel.  Published by Wiley Blackwell.  Reviewer Joe Sinclair.


The following books have been reviewed for the New Nurturing Potential Issue 7.  An advance view is available here.

Vincent by Barbara Stok  Published by SelfMadeHero.  Reviewer Tara Jennett.