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Issue 08 - February 2014


Two trips in January 2014.  The first was awful; the second, delightful.  A stumble while carrying two heavy bags of groceries resulted in a fall flat on my face, and a massive haematoma.  See black eye above and click on thumbnail for full picture gallery and a description of the incident.

But the trip to South Africa, which was actually the first holiday I had taken in more than four years, and was occasioned by an invitation to the 70th 8irthday party of dear friend Lynn McGregor, was a memorable experience

An unanticipated bonus during the visit to South Africa was a reunion with the wonderful doctor who had ministered to me following my mini-stroke in Bedfordshire some years ago. Dr Helena Verwey subsequently returned to her native South Africa, and the details of our reunion are also given in the South Africa link.

On the cultural front, shortly after my return from South Africa, another enjoyable theatrical experience at the Bromley Little Theatre.  This time a very well-acted and produced The Thrill of Love, Amanda Whittington's play about Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be handed in England.

A week later, to the Tate Modern with daughter Caroline for the Paul Klee exhibition.  Vastly impressive.  Although I've always enjoyed Klee's work, I had not appreciated quite how varied was his style over the years, nor how greatly it was influenced by the shocking political and social climate in which he worked in 1930s Germany.



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Potential Unleashed will no longer appear monthly. 

 Following my accident in January (one week before my trip to South Africa), I decided that the (self-imposed) deadline involving dependence on the input of other people, is too onerous.

So Potential Unleashed will continue to appear only as an occasional companion site to the quarterly New Nurturing Potential

It will accommodate my personal blog as well as input from friends who wish to use these columns for both personal and professional news items.

The book review section will continue as before.  And, as always, reviews published here will be repeated in the review section of the quarterly New Nurturing Potential.


Reflections, Actions and Prospects


New Nurturing Potential Issue 4, Winter 2013/14 was  published in December 2013.


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Discord, The Story of Noise   by Mike Goldsmith  Published by OUP 

Drugged.  The Science and Culture Behind Psychotropic Drugs.  by Richard J. Miller.  Published by OUP



The following books have already been allocated for review.

Change  by Jeffrey A. Kottler  Published by OUP. Being reviewed by Joe Sinclair

Attachment in Common Sense and Doodles by Miriam Silver Published by Jessica Kingsley. Being reviewed by Michael Mallows.

Can I Tell You About ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? by Jacqueline Rayner.  Published by Jessica Kingsley.  Being reviewed by Mark Edwards

Relationship Thinking.  Agency, Enchrony and Human Sociality by N.J.Enfield.  Published by OUP  Being reviewed by Joe Sinclair.

The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia.  Edited by Julia Simner and Edward M. Hubbard.  Published by OUP. Being reviewed by Joe Sinclair.


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The following books are reviewed in this issue of Potential Unleashed and will be repeated in New Nurturing Potential Issue 5

A Companion to Rawls   Edited by David A. Reidy and Jon Mandle.  Published by Wiley-Blackwell.  Reviewed by Joe Sinclair


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