Julie Hay has updated her biographical information for New Nurturing Potential

 I am a Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, Academic Dean of an MSc, a Chartered Manager of the CMI and a Chartered Fellow CIPD, plus internationally accredited as Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational and Educational) and internationally licensed NLP Trainer.  I run transactional analysis programmes in the UK, China, Poland and Russia, previously in Turkey and the Ukraine, and elsewhere on an ad hoc basis, for those seeking international professional certification in transactional analysis.  I also lead an MSc Professional Development (Developmental Transactional Analysis) and am about to launch another MSc that runs alongside the qualification process to become a TA Trainer/Supervisor and TA Master Trainer/Supervisor.  I am a past president of the international and European TA associations, was a vice chair of the UK ITA and inaugural Chair of the UK IDTA. 

I project manage a growing initiative to teach TA to kids and parents worldwide, with schemes running so far in UK, Taiwan, South Africa, Germany, Serbia, Macedonia, Armenia, Italy and more being added all the time.  Anyone can do the teaching for this we then check the portfolios of evidence produced by the children or patents and give them certificates and awards see http://www.instdta.org/ta-proficiency-awards.html.  I also manage similar schemes to teach to TA to managers, and for those applying TA to their own personal development see http://www.pifcic.org/qualifications--awards.html.  

 I was one of the 5 original founders of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and was President of the first truly pan-European EMCC Board.  I provide consultancy on coach/mentoring schemes, individual coaching and supervision. For individual work, I charge 20% uplift on your own professional hourly rate which really does means zero if you are working as a volunteer.

 I run monthly Saturday psychotherapy days (based on TA, NLP, trauma therapy and other approaches) see http://www.pifcic.org/psychotherapy.html.  With a colleague who was previously Head of Psychotherapy at a high security male prison, I have launched a non-profit forensic psychotherapy business targeted at violent offenders in prison see http://www.pifcic.org/psychotherapy-in-prisons.html.

 And I am an author on topics such as transactional analysis, NLP, assessment/development centres, coach/mentoring and supervision see www.sherwoodpublishing.com or amazon.