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Issue 03 - May 2013


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Stories and information received from friends and colleagues that we hope our readers will find informative and interesting 



Please click HERE for news about Jamie's and my Resourceful Teaching activities in Buenos Aires, Argentina .

You can also see what we are currently offering in the Team News section at the bottom of the right hand column of this site.



A very enjoyable visit to the Bull Theatre in Barnet at the invitation of my daughter, who had been provided with complementary tickets in anticipation of a review in Sardines Magazine.

The play was "Allo Allo" and I may have been the only person in the audience who had never seen an episode on TV in its entirety!

This did not prevent me from having a rip-roaring time in pantomime fashion (e.g. an unvoiced "Yes, he did" - "No, he didn't" ) - which demonstrates how much we absorb of popular culture without being aware of it!

Daughter Caroline's article for Sardine may be viewed HERE.




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Reflections, Actions and Prospects


This is the third issue of Potential Unleashed and, based on feedback received, we are inclined to produce eight issues annually of this blog, i.e. monthly apart from those months when Nurturing Potential itself will be published.  Thus June will see the first full issue of Nurturing Potential, while Potential Unleashed will reappear at the end of July.

Given the multiplicity of posts, periodicals, publications and blogs that inundate our computer monitors, (some of which appear daily!), we believe readers will welcome a reduction rather than an increase in output.  To say nothing of our contributors.  (Do we hear vast sighs of relief?)

The design seems to have settled down into an identifiable format.


We have opened our left-hand column to any of our friends and associates (the categories are not mutually exclusive!) who wish to post news, either original or reproduced from blogs posted elsewhere.  In the last issue it was Sylvia Farley, who is our contributing editor in the area of Ecology and the Environment. 

The column is not restricted to just one blogger.  Please share your news and views with our readers and your friends.  (Again, these are not mutually exclusive )

We are devoting the right hand column to details of all the books we have received for review as well as hoping to whet your appetites by listing the books received that are actually with reviewers for the next issue of Nurturing Potential.  We also feature some reviews already received, either in their entirety or in summary form, prior to being repeated or given in full in Nurturing Potential.

We have also opened this column for our contributors and editorial board members to let you to let you know what they are up to - below the heading Team News.

Finally, in this issue, we are delighted to have heard from our old contributor and friend from the original Nurturing Potential, Ramsey Dukes, whose article on Superstition will be published in the June issue of Nurturing Potential. In the meantime he has given us permission to reproduce an article he wrote during the Blair "presidency" in 2008.  This is entitled Democracy is Dying of AIDS. (Click on title to access)


On the stocks and in the pending folder are the following intentions for the June issue of Nurturing Potential:

The Main Theme: We are taking a lead from an early Groupwork main theme in the original magazine.  This will deal with the difference between Teamwork and Groupwork.  How do teams differ from groups?

Beliefs:  We have the article Talisman from Amelia  May Kingston.

Business: We continue our examination of brain-storming and mind-mapping.

Culture: Dependency Theory - Where is it Now?

Further content will include articles in the areas of Therapy, Language and Linguistics, Health and Fitness, The Arts, Verse, Third Age,  Your contributions will be greatly appreciated.


If you would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch with Joe Sinclair via contact details at the foot of this page.


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The following books have been received for review.  Please advise if you are interested.
Kierkegaard Exposition and Critique by Daphne Hampson Published by OUP


Titles that have been ordered for review in the June issue of Nurturing Potential are the following:

Rhetoric: A Very Short Introduction by Richard Toye

Coaching and Mentoring by Simon Western

Coaching Understood by Elaine Cox

Encyclopedia of the Mind by Harold Pashler

Cultural Sociology of Divorce by Robert E. Emery

Encyclopedia of Lifestyle Medicine and Health by James M. Rippe

Psychology of Close Relationships by Harry T. Reis




A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Coaching and Mentoring by Bob Garvey.  Reviewed by Julie Hay. Click here .


The following is a short introduction to the full review to be included in the June issue of Nurturing Potential

Dutch - Biography of a Language by Roland Willemyns.  Reviewer Joseph Sinclair.  Click here for details


The following is a short review as a foretaste of the full review to be included in the June issue of Nurturing Potential

Researching Gender by Christina Hughes.  Reviewer Sylvia Farley Click here for details



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