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Issue 04 - July 2013


From our Friends

Stories and information received from friends and colleagues that we hope our readers will find informative and interesting 



Currently dining on sun-warmed figs, plums peaches and strawberries.  Meat or fish comes with raw onions, tomatoes, parsley, celery leaves, mustard and lovage.  Cooked veg with eggs or cheese include fry-ups of courgettes, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and wild spinach greens.  Read entire blog.



A month would not feel right without a visit to the Bromley Little Theatre and June was no exception. 

Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones has long been regarded as a brilliant parody of the great WS's Hamlet, and cast and crew of the BLT did it more than justice.

It's getting almost embarrassing, and I'm beginning to run out of superlatives to describe these monthly treats.   All I can say is: Long may they continue!

I'm now looking forward to their next production of Anne Boleyn, where grand-daughter Jessica's backstage talents are being subordinated to an over-the-footlights performance on which I shall comment in my next blog.




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Reflections, Actions and Prospects


The New Nurturing Potential Issue 2 was duly published, as scheduled, in June 2013.  It was happily endowed with a wealth of material, to the extent that we postponed publication of several articles until a future issue.

We held over further articles on brainstorming and mind-mapping until they can be combined with a later episode of our Main Theme of Teamwork, to show how effectively they can be used in that connection..    


Ave Atque Vale

Sadly, one or two of our long-time collaborators have had to excuse themselves due to conflicting business and/or personal commitments.  We shall miss them.  But on a happier note, we have been joined by others, greatly admired in their areas of expertise, who will bring much benefit to our magazine.  Full details in the next issue of New Nurturing Potential.



We have reactivated the email link to our website, and we hope this will prove more convenient to our readers and our contributors.  It is already active, but a general announcement will be made shortly via email, Facebook and Linked-in.  For the present will find us.



In the planning stage for the Autumn 2013 issue of Nurturing Potential is the next part of The Main Theme devoted to the topic of Teamwork,

We also have articles for the Beliefs and the Business sections.

In the Culture section we are working on  Dependency Theory - Where is it Now?

A collaborative effort between contributors in the Language and Therapy sections is based around the subject of "Donkey Bridges" and its relevance to NLP.



If you would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch with Joe Sinclair via contact details at the foot of this page.


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Telephone: +44 (0) (208)  958 5462






The following books have been received for review. Click on titles for publishers' information.  Please advise if you are interested.
Higgs by Jim Baggott Published by OUP

The British Empire by Ashley Jackson - OUP Very Short Introduction

The European Union by John Pinder & Simon Usherwood - OUP Very Short Introduction



Titles that are already scheduled for review in the next issue of Nurturing Potential are the following:

Butterflies and Sweaty Palms by Judy Apps.  Published by Crown House.

The Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming Edited by John Grinder and Frank Pucelik.  Published by Crown House.

Full On Learning by Zo Elder.  Edited by Ian Gilbert.  Published by Crown House.


BOOK REVIEWS    Click to access this section)

The following books are reviewed in this issue of Potential Unleashed and may be repeated in New Nurturing Potential Issue 3

Brave Heads by Dave Harris.  Reviewer Paula Anderson

The Magic of NLP Demystified - by Byron Lewis - Reviewer Michael Mallows 

A High Price by Daniel Byman - Reviewer Sep Meyer

10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders - Leadership and Character by Al Gini and Ronald M. Green.  Reviewer Terry Goodwin

The Mystery of Existence - Why is there anything at all? Edited by John Leslie and Robert Lawrence Kuhn.  Reviewer Joe Sinclair


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