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Clean Language Sculpture by Vinka Art by Dorin


Symbiosis' music has been described in Peace of Mind is a Piece of Cake as providing a profound and positive effect on relaxation and relief from stress and is widely used by medical and complementary practitioners.

Inner Quest is an exceptionally helpful tool to self discovery and personal growth in the highly imaginative guise of a board game based on the native American  medicine wheel.  It is the brain child of Lynn Carneson McGregor, whose Homage to Hope was published by ASPEN.

Stephen Bray  made a significant contribution to Joe Sinclair's An ABC of NLP, and is regularly published in Executive Excellence magazine.  His career began in the area of social work and subsequently encompassed adult education, business consulting, counselling, journalism, and photography.  Stephen and Irem Bray live in Turkey with their daughter Amazon.

Sea Containers' Old Lags Domain (SCOLD) is a website constructed and developed by Joe Sinclair (after deliberation with the late Rob Ward), devoted to all those thousands of people who have appeared throughout the decades in the premises of the Sea Containers Group.  Starting with Old Jewry, progressing through Park Street (and its many "offshore" premises), via Vogue House, to its current home on the South Bank of the River Thames. [Alas no longer!  Along with the cessation of activities of the Sea Containers Group, Sea Containers House is currently (August 2013) being redeveloped as an hotel and apartment block.  The SCOLD site, however, still exists, though with the increase in bereavements, one wonders how long it will remain viable except for historical interest.]

Walter Dorin shared two distinctions: one highly merited and the other highly dubious.  The former is based on  his unique style of painting, some examples of which we provide here, and the successful collaboration he enjoyed with jazz musician and critic George Melly in the production of Great Lovers.  The dubious distinction is the fact that he was Joe Sinclair's cousin.  It says much for the resilience of both of them that, despite this biological accident, they remained great friends for more than eighty years.

Walter alas died on January 24, 2017.  Joe Sinclair spent some time by his bedside for several days before he departed.  A commentary on their lives together, as well as a memorial poem by Joe, may be viewed here.

Clean Language is a site about Symbolic Modelling, the Metaphor Therapy & Clean Language of David Grove, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It contains over 50 articles by Penny Tompkins, James Lawley and many others, and how to buy their wonderful book  Metaphors in Mind.

Vinka Dekovic-Knight is a very talented sculptor whose work has given me the utmost pleasure for many years.  I bought my first "Vinka" more than 15 years ago.

Natalie d'Arbeloff has been a very dear friend for many years.  It was through her introduction that I found my illustrator for Peace of Mind is a Piece of Cake, which she was too busy to illustrate!  A trip to her site will reveal just how busy she was . . . and is!   Paintings, sculptures, collages, and prints.  And she even has time to write the occasional book, including the hilarious and astute The Joy of Letting Women Down.  But why go on? Take a look for yourself.


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