Lynn Carneson-McGregor


"This is the story of my childhood in Cape Town, South Africa, and the first part of my life. It describes what it was like to live in a country where insanity was normal. It is to honour those, especially my parents, who fought against the injustices of the regime and who helped to enable the first multi-racial elections in South Africa to take place."

Thus begins Homage to Hope which charts Lynn Carneson's personal voyage and experiences of South Africa's apartheid regime and, through her experiences, those of "all children, black and white, who suffered during that hard time, some much much more than I did. . ."


"Too little has been recorded about how the children of political activists endured the apartheid years. Writing from a child's point of view, Lynn Carneson conveys vividly the joys of a Cape childhood - on the world's most beautiful beaches and in the mountains - against the terrors and tensions of police surveillance, the arrests and disappearances of her parents. Her book adds another important chapter to the missing history of the apartheid years."

- Hilda Bernstein, South African artist, writer and anti-apartheid activist

After escaping the South African apartheid regime to live in England during her early teens, Lynn Carneson graduated with M.Phil and BA (Hons) degrees. She taught drama for several years and was Director of the UK Schools Council Drama Project as well as publishing Development in Drama Training and Learning Through Drama. Since 1980 she has been senior partner in Decision Development, a London-based company specialising in the assessment and development of top executives and leaders.


HOMAGE TO HOPE: 216 x 135 mm, Paperback, ISBN 0 9513660 2 5, 232 pages 32 half page illustrations


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