Vinka Dekovic-Knight

I'm a sucker for sculpture, says Joe Sinclair.

It may have something to do with my tactile sense.  While I enjoy most forms of art, and a great number of pictures occupy most of the wallspace of my homes, I get an added thrill from stroking a piece of sculpture.  The piece called Contemplation, which has always had pride of place in the hallway of my homes, may be a centimetre shorter than when I purchased it more than a decade ago, having been eroded by the caress of my hand whenever  I pass it.

I have been collecting sculpture by Vinka for more than 15 years and none of the pieces has ever staled.  Here are some of the pieces that grace my home [left click on all pictures to enlarge them]



Contemplation (1)

Contemplation (2)

Male Study

Female Study

Female seated (1) Female seated (2) Female standing (1) Female standing (2)



The following pictures were snapped by me at Vinka's home in October 2001:

Vinke005.jpg (14334 bytes) Vinke006.jpg (7831 bytes) Vinke007.jpg (16384 bytes) Vinke008.jpg (28230 bytes)

Upper  row (l to r) 1.  Autumn - 1993 (cement, sand & pigment)     2. Labrynth - 1989 (cement, sand & pigment)    3.  (top) Four-piece relief - 1992 (cement, sand & pigment)  (middle) Four-piece relief - 1993 (cement, sand & pigment)  (bottom) Three-piece relief - 1993 (cement, sand & pigment).  4.  Double form - 1999 (Malaysian jeutong)

Lower row (l to r) 1.  Semi-abstract couple - 1993 (cement fondue, bronze coloured)       2. Pierced form - 1992 (cement fondue)   3. Semi-abstract couple - 1992 (cement fondue)  4. Female nude (plaster)

Here is some of Vinka's "garden" sculpture

Garden1.JPG (11656 bytes) Garden2.JPG (24958 bytes) Garden3.JPG (11970 bytes)


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