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Nurturing Potential

The periodical devoted to awakening the talent within us in the areas of education, personal growth, health, relationships, business and others.

Volume 1, Issue 2 - Autumn 2002

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Meet the Team


Mission Statement


Nurturing Potential - The Heart of Governance - by Lynn McGregor

"Life will work best for you and therefore for others when you can achieve a balance of 50 per cent giving and 50 per cent receiving"

True Vision - by Soleira Green

One of the founders of SOULutions, Soleira Green here describes the magical element of Potential, which "isn't just the next widget your company can produce or the next breakthrough your coaching can provide [but] the meat and potatoes of all human endeavour".


"Given a choice between changing and proving that it is not necessary, most people get busy with the proof."  -  J.K. Galbraith

What is The Self-Change Model? 

It has been demonstrated statistically that most people, faced with change, are not ready to take action.   (See the quotation from Galbraith above.)  This Model has provided a major contribution to the recognition that behaviour change evolves through a series of stages. 

Living Inside Out - On Purpose - by Michael Mallows

I believe we are here to grow.  To develop our full potential and to evolve both as individuals and as a species.  We are by nature creative and aspirational beings.   It takes as much emotional and creative energy to stay the same as it does to change. As Oscar Wilde said: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars!" 

Processes of Change - by Joe Sinclair

"Change is a process; not an event."  A model for change is only as effective as its ability to serve in the process of change.  Here Joe Sinclair shows how the processes of the Transtheoretical Model of Change may be applied to four studies: Addictions; Student Motivation; Teams and Leadership; and Plotting a Script.

Self-Change and Parenting Skills - by Michael Mallows

Michael introduces Anne, a lone parent with two sons, to the Self-Change Model with gratifying results.  "She is more assertive, more direct and forthright, more confident, and she has regained her self-esteem as a mother and as a woman."


French Fries and Food Fights - by Paul Schenk PsyD

Subtitled "How to stop overreacting" Paul Schenk's article, with his habitual style and humour, for once deserts the arena of parent/child relationships and offers examples and suggestions from his professional experience of adult communication.  Oh dear, scrub what I wrote about deserting the arena of parent/child relationships.


Two articles by Stephen Bray:

 Be unique, be yourself, and communicate 

The rules of sustainable corporate communications, with a case study of Anita Roddick's remarkable success.

A brief guide to Creativity

Creative solutions arise from listening and dialogue rather than debate.  Stephen describes the secret of flow as applied to commerce and industry. 

Human Performance - by Amanda Knight

Its full title is: Human Performance - a question of Potential or Interference? and Amanda (a recent editorial team recruit) poses the question: Why are organisations prepared to spend millions in the research and development of technology, yet do not seek to understand and develop their human resource?  This is the first of a series of articles.


Seven Key Structural Elements - by Bobby G. Bodenhamer

We believe that brains aren't broken, says Bobby Bodenhamer, they just run sick thought patterns really well.  Indeed, the brain doesn't care whether you think yourself sick or think yourself well.  Your brain just does what you tell it to do. Those who change their thinking understand and accept these beliefs.  

Is Science any more sensible than Magic? - by Ramsey Dukes 

Ramsey Dukes questions the notion that Science is the epitome of down-to-earth realism whereas Magic is the realm of airy fairy escapist fantasy.


Intuitive Thinking - by Mark Edwards

There is a growing interest in teaching "thinking skills" in the UK at present.  Mark Edwards discusses the importance of exploring different ways of thinking with children. 


Nurturing Potential @ the Big Green Gathering - by Maxwell Steer

"Perhaps maturity is accepting that you can't change the world, you can't heal its pain, you can't even lower the price of bread."


It's Still Happening - by Joe Sinclair

Dr Winifred Rushforth OBE died in 1983.  Her obituary reveals that she died at the age of 98.  This is almost a travesty.  She was, in fact, ageless.


A Page of Verse

Please submit your verse for inclusion in future issues.  This issue contains verse from Laurie Phillips, who has promised us a regular contribution.

Book Reviews

We are delighted to have a really high quality (as well as quantity) of book reviews, and have even galvanized a publisher into sending one to Tony Blair!  See Letter to the Editor.

Book Offers

Special reductions of books published by, or for, the authors.  If you wish to include your own books in this section in the future, please let us know. 

Letters to the Editor

Only one has been reproduced in this issue - the flattering comments from others would have been too embarrassing! - but this is a "goody".

The last word - including the "shape of things to come".

A description of our experience and feedback from the first issue and an indication of what you may expect in future.

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Volume 1, No. 1, Issue of Summer 2002.

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