True Vision - Accessing Levels of Potential

by Soleira Green

Potential is the most magical element of any alchemist's bag of tricks. Potential is what's waiting to be.  It's what wants to be sourced, conceived, born and created.  It's the newest new waiting to blossom forth to stun and amaze us all.  Potential isn't just the next widget your company can produce or the next breakthrough your coaching can provide.  Potential is the meat and potatoes of all human endeavour.  The realisation of potential is our true raison d'tre, our reason for being.

So here we go, into a journey exploring the levels of potential.  But even though they're laid out linearly here for you, don't think that they are. Potential is an ever-reaching, ever-changing, dynamic kaleidoscope of possibility being made real.  Here they are, some of the current levels of potential:

POTENTIAL is what's waiting to be for you and for me.  It's our own unique and individual potential.  Potential is what you're born with in preparation to become all you can be.  It's what's inherent within each and every person, within each and every moment.  You cannot breathe without touching it.  Potential is what the moment holds, rich and ripe with newness waiting to be unfolded into being.

GREATER POTENTIAL seeks a greater or a higher purpose than individual potential.  Greater potential looks at a wider scope and serves a greater number of people, usually a company, a community, a nation, etc.  To access greater potential you look "higher" for what can be.  This is where spirit and spirituality in business come into play. This is where the individual moves onto a greater gameboard and begins to create more than s/he could do individually.  A move towards teams and organisation begins because greater purpose is always more than one person alone can fulfill.

PROFOUND POTENTIAL is where the soul and creation come into play.  Profound potential is where you go beyond greater potential to create something that's not been conceived of before now.  This is where the collective goes to work to create a new world.  Profound potential is that amazing point where potential becomes exciting and collaborative, where others leap into the dance because their souls are called into the sheer beauty of its possibility in the world.  Profound potential tends to be focused on world change as opposed to individual or group change.

PURE POTENTIAL is purely creational.  It's the place from which quantum leaps of evolution are sourced.  It's beyond world change.  It's evolutionary.  It creates all of life as we know it everywhere.  It never has been before and is only just now being brought into possibility by the very nature of your relationship with it. You conceive it, you birth it, you make it real in the world.

So to sum it up:

Potential is individual and what's already waiting to be.

Greater potential is group and what's possible from a higher / greater / spirit perspective.

Profound potential is collective / world and what's possible from a deeper / soul perspective.

Pure potential is 'all of life' changing and is evolutionary and creational.

Companies that will succeed in the next decade, and beyond, are the companies that are willing to dare the new, the newer and the newest. Playing it safe will not get you there in this new millennium, nor will playing it dirty.  The ONLY thing that will create success in this new era is the willingness to partner with greater, deeper and purer levels of potential ALL the time.  It's what will keep employees engaged, excited and productive.  It's what will keep customers coming back and back and back again.  It's what will keep investors investing.

These levels of potential can all be equally applied to any individual as well as to companies.  Choose any person you know right now and see if you can run them through the levels of potential.  If you're a coach or an executive consultant, then this exercise can be applied to anyone you're presently coaching.  Remember though, that some people or companies will not move beyond a particular level of potential and that's because of the conscious choices the people are making.  Some people will not let you see their levels of potential because they're not willing to move to them yet. If that's the case and you're working with someone as a coach, then the next step would be to see what the thought is between where they are now and their next level of potential.  For most people this is a leadership question and I ask something like "Are you willing to move to your next level of potential now and if not, why not?"  Or "Are you willing to take the next steps in your own leadership now and if not, why not?"  Make sure the person gives you their first thought as that's the one that is usually the truest.  Then go to work with them to show them that thought actually holds no truth for them in the light of day (believe me that's almost always so), and before you know it, they're moving gracefully into the next level of themselves.

But how about you and your own levels of potential and leadership? "Are you willing to move to your next level of potential now and if not, why not?"  and "Are you willing to take the next steps in your own leadership now and if not, why not?"  With your answers to these questions will come the discovery of the simple thought that might be holding you back and with that will come the freedom to access the next powerful levels of your own potential.

(c) Copyright 2002.  This was an excerpt from the Corporate Soul E-Course.


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Soleira is a visionary, author, consultant, coach, trainer, and global networker.  She's the source person for the "Global Creatives" and "Corporate Soul" networks and conferences.  Her current passion and vision is the quantum evolution of humanity. She can be contacted at or 44 (0) 1380 739 893 or visit