Stephen Bray 


Stephen Bray's biography

Stephen Bray is the author of the inspirational business e-book A Pocket Book on Leadership. 

His other writings include The Manual of Developmental Leaderships, The Intrapreneurship Manual, and a significant contribution to Joe Sinclair’s An ABC of NLP.  He has also been published in Executive Excellence Magazine alongside such figures as Warren Bennis, Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker and Tom Peters. 

Stephen’s career spans thirty years, beginning in social work and encompassing Adult Education, Business Consulting, Counselling, Journalism, Photography and Psychotherapy.  Five years ago he embraced Developmental Philosophy and created the QuietQuality model that has become known simply as “Q”. 

He shares work and life with his wife Irem, in Turkey, and both can be found on the QuietQuality website: