What is EFT

by Joe Sinclair 

This introduction is an over-simplification that, hopefully, will whet your appetite for a more detailed and specific explanation, directions to which will be provided at the end of this article.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is to acupressure what acupressure is to acupuncture; each shares theory and techniques with the others to provide a means of dealing with negativity and disruption in the human body.  Acupuncture uses needles at significant points in the body (the “meridians”) in order to activate and speed up the healing process.  Acupressure is based on the same theory, but uses the pressure of finger and thumb, or tapping, rather than puncturing with a needle.

EFT similarly uses the meridian points and adopts the acupressure method of tapping (sometimes rubbing), but primarily to effect cures of emotional rather than physical problems, although inasmuch as physical ailments are frequently emotion-based, it will also cure physical disruptions.

In EFT the “client” is encouraged to concentrate on the specific problem and focus on a positive phrase that represents the antithesis of the disabling emotion.  While the client repeats this phrase silently or aloud, the “therapist” will tap with fingertips on various spots on the client’s body or head.  This tapping balances the energy meridians that have been affected by the client’s emotional disruption.

The consequence of this treatment is that the emotional disturbance becomes removed, even though the memory of the disturbance is not lost.  Cognition has changed and even if the client tries to relive the experience that caused the emotional disruption, it is no longer disturbing.

A major advantage of EFT over other forms of treatment is that ultimately it can be practised by anyone on their own, without the need of a therapist or overseer.  Once the technique has been mastered, and a very simple technique it is, it can be used whenever the need arises.  It can also be used in conjunction with other disciplines, such as NLP, to go beyond mere recovery to empowerment.

Indeed it can be a valuable tool for nurturing the potential that has become immobilized by emotional disruption.

EFT is of fairly recent origin, no more than five years and developed from Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy (TFT) which was transformed into EFT by Gary Craig and you can find out all about it on his website www.emofree.com.

 Silvia Hartmann, a protege of Gary Craig’s and the author of Adventures in EFT* has written about her own experience after “dipping into” the study course:

 “An hour later, I had accessed a severely repressed traumatic time - the death of my father. I had touched the intense pain I had been carrying for a long seven years, I had been absolutely horrified by the realisation that time had not even begun to heal this at all, and I had released the pain through the tapping, reaching a state of brilliance and clarity; a state of awareness; a release so profound that I cannot convey what this was like or how it subsequently affected me to you in mere words.


“I knew then that all I had heard about these techniques was true. It was as profound and powerful as they had said it was. This really, truly worked. Since that moment, my life has not been the same again.


“As a therapist, since then I have been able [in effect] to make the lame walk and the blind see.


“As a teacher, I have been able to allow my students to learn at a level they never thought possible.


“As an individual, I have gained a profoundly new elegance of life. I have discovered new skills and abilities I never thought I possessed, and those I already used, have become super-charged.


“As a mother, I have been able to calm my children, to support them in a way that was previously unimaginable, and to help them permanently overcome perceived limitations and moments of loss of faith.


“What more can I say?”


* You can find out more from Silvia Hartmann's website at http://1-eft.com/