Rob Ward's retirement dinner

Simpson's-in-the-Strand, Friday December 13, 2002

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[Click on the thumbnail pictures to see them in full size.  Identification of the individuals is provided after the series of thumbnails.]

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"Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?" "Do you really expect us to buy one of these?" What are they plotting? Are you missing your "next door neighbour?"
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What's that "youngster" doing here? Here's to you, and here's to me, and here's Touyet More of a shock than a tingle!  I've actually heard that one before, Rob
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It's true, I've got him in the palm of my hand  Just whisper it Joe . . .  . . . It's the right one, Maggie There aren't too many I look up to
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It's been nice knowing you . . . I think! Someone really should tell him So I auditioned for the part of Quasimodo . . . . . . But they gave it to me instead
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You must be two of the younger fellows Shaken or stirred but never Bethune You were always good for a laugh, Robert I know my place . . . 
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So if you find yourself in need of a helping hand . . . So what would you recommend to follow? We could almost hold our own old lags reunion "No, Gordon, I'm afraid the jobs already taken
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A pair of crutches?  I'll let you know Who?  Me? So who is this guy?  Oh good, it's time for the speeches
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It's okay, we're keeping an eye on the coats Good!  My wallet's still there I'd like to get up, but I seem to be stuck Well, for God's sake,  say something!
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Who's the lovely boy, then? And who's the lovely girl? That's my final offer Joe's borrowed my hearing aid
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The database hasn't really worked since I left!  Thinks: Wish he wouldn't keep staring like that Hmm,  what would Peter say if I moved on her Unaccustomed as I am to dinner jackets

[Here follows the identification list - by row, from left to right]

Row 1, Picture 1: John Holmes-Walker, James Coulson, Jim White; Picture 2: Bob Finch, Andrew Lavey; Picture 3: Ian Routledge, Robert Kulp; Picture 4: Brian Bennett, Bernadette Cowley.

Row 2, Picture 1: Peter Dyke, Peter Glass, Rob Ward, John Keir; Picture 2: David Tingle, Mike Thomas, John Touyet, Audrey Goodson; Picture 3: Rob Ward, David Tingle; Picture 4: Rob Ward, Brian Bennett, David Young.

Row 3: The Maggie Ward Series: With David Collins, Joe Biccaregui (2), Tom Avenell.

Row 4, Picture 1: Tom Ewig, Joe Sinclair; Picture 2: Andrew Lavey and Tom Ewig (background), Simon Price; Picture 3: David Tingle, Mel Williams, Jim White; Picture 4: David Collins.

Row 5, Picture 1: Colin Rubery, John Hatton, John Holmes-Walker; Picture 2: Mary Bethune, Rob Ward; Picture 3: Joe Sinclair, Robert Kulp; Picture 4: Joe Sinclair, Jeff Anderson, Rob Ward.

Row 6, Picture 1: Linda Hogg, Angus Frew;  Picture 2: Rob Ward, Mary Meikle, Jim White; Picture 3: Rob Ward, John Witton; Picture 4: Gordon Steel, John Hatton.

Row 7,  The Mel Williams Series:  With Paul Furze, alone (2), and John Holmes-Walker.

Row 8, Picture 1: Robin Lynch, Mary Bethune; Picture 2: John Holmes-Walker, Chris Van Pelt; Picture 3: Les Kawoh; Picture 4: David Collins, Bob Finch, Mahendra Nagda.

Row 9, Picture 1: Colin Rubery; Picture 2: Audrey Goodson; Picture 3: Mahendra Nagda, Andew Lavey; Picture 4: Tony Hopkins, John Witton, David Young.

Row 10, Picture 1: Mary Meikle; Picture 2: John Witton, Mary Bethune, Robin Lynch; Picture 3: David Young, Mary Meikle; Picture 4: Richard Green.

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