Message from Ralph Torretta - March 2004


Dear Joe: 

I share your view that more cheerful news is needed in the old lags site.

I just got back from a wonderful 3-week trip to Patagonia via Ushuaia. As As you may remember Ushuaia is the place where I had to "talk down" the company's Lear many years ago after the Falklands War. A new runway has been built so landing is now easier than then, the old runway still remains and seeing it brought vivid memories of our dramatic landing when travelling with JBS.  

I attach a photo from Patagonia with an old lag (me) in it; the view in the distance is that of a living glacier, the "Perito Moreno Glacier" which is an incredible sight. The ice is as pure as it can possibly get and I was able to enjoy a gin & tonic with ice just taken from the glacier.

I thought I might tempt some of our colleagues (either retired or still at work) to visit this region, it is totally unspoilt and as far from anywhere else as you can get.

All the best