Meet-up between Audrey Goodson and Joe Sinclair, April 30, 2015.


I happily accepted an invitation to join Audrey for a drink at her new apartment in Hendon, as I was visiting old friends in the neighbourhood, and it was good to have an opportunity to reminisce about colleagues of the distant and more recent past.

What was sad was the realisation of how many of our older colleagues are no longer with us.  It was, however, a happier experience for me to learn of how many are still around and to share happy memories from the past.

Amongst the several people mentioned, most of whom have been in touch with Audrey more recently than with myself, were

Andrew Evans

Rick Lidinsky

Linda Hogg

Mary Meikle

Brian Bennett

and it would be wonderful if they could all drop a few words about their latest doings, to be published on this correspondence page, to my contact email address on the contact section of this website.

Audrey also asked me to convey her thanks to all those who attended Stan's funeral which meant a very great deal to her.

Best wishes to all of you.