Letters to the editor

An impossible task to have a page devoted to correspondence with a journal that has not yet been produced?  Maybe, but in anticipation of this column we asked some friends to comment on a draft of the first issue. 

It could have been discouraging that the first response  was extremely negative, but having devoted so much of this issue to the methodology of changing states, we have reframed this positively and are quoting this letter in the hope that it will encourage some spirited response from readers, either in support of the criticism or by a reasoned contradiction. 

Dear Joe.

Thank you for showing us the draft of your Nurturing Potential prototype issue. 

We have tried to read the “major theme” articles on Emotional Freedom Technique with an open mind, but have to say that we view it with the profoundest scepticism.   

Coming from a “hard” scientific background, and having been reading the scientific press since the early 1960s, we have never come across anything of this kind that has stood up to analysis and review; on the other hand, we have read many articles on how to discern pseudo-science, and EFT fits the mould exactly.  

JE and GE