The last word

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Nurturing Potential.  We have lots of great ideas for future issues and would like to do more than simply share them with you here.  We would really welcome hearing from readers, particularly if you care to contribute articles or ideas.  If you are interested in sharing our vision and wish to be considered for a position on our editorial board, please let us know.  In the meantime, here is what you may anticipate. 

The Self-Change Model, or the Transtheoretical Model of Change, is based on the theory that people go through five distinct stages on the road to successful change.  There are several variations in the details of this model and the following is but one example.   

PRECONTEMPLATION not intending to take action for at least six months.

CONTEMPLATION intending to take action within the next six months.

PREPARATION intending to act within the next 30 days.

ACTION has made overt changes in a behavior for less than six months.

MAINTENANCE has made overt changes in a behavior for more than six months. 

The next issue of Nurturing Potential will feature the Self-Change Model as its major theme, and will be exploring many of its variations. 

Other features that we propose introducing in our forthcoming issues, some of which will receive Major Theme treatment, will include: 

Action Profiling - its growth and development and its application to team-building and nurturing potential for growth by profiling individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Nurturing Ecological Potential - how the environment - general, personal, and domestic - may be preserved and enhanced. 

Potions, Nostrums and Ancient Remedies and their potential for health in the modern world.  We will be examining such products as Kefir and Colloidal Silver.   

Bridging Cultural Differences - Class, Religion, Ethnicity, Education - the status quo versus innovation, as applied in our personal and professional aspirations.

Only Connect.  Networks and networking and their potential for self- and group-development.