Have you considered that you may already have all you need to write and publish your book?

ASPEN's aim is to help writers to self-publish and to empower them to sell their own works.  We believe that everyone has a book to write and that some merely lack the motivation, comprehension and empowerment: 

the motivation to write their book; 

the understanding that the physical act of publishing a book is no longer the difficult or costly exercise it once was; 

the empowerment to proceed with publication and marketing. 

Our philosophy is well described in our free guide to self-publishing which you can find by clicking on the link at the foot of this page.

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who has a book to be published, but please note that we will normally publish only works of non-fiction.  Unless there are special circumstances, we are reluctant to help with novels, plays, poetry, biographies or memoirs, although we are willing to give advice. We are not vanity publishers, nor are we a profit-making enterprise; we seek our recompense only through books actually sold.  If you earn nothing, we earn nothing.

Remember: you already have everything you need to write, produce, publish and market your own work. You may merely lack motivation and empowerment. 

Click here to view our guide to self-publishing

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