Understanding your own Drivers enables you to begin making different choices about how you respond to different triggers.  This questionnaire will give you some understanding of your own Drivers.  [We suggest that you print it out first for convenience.] Simply give a value of 1 (I do not resonate greatly with this), 2 (This produces an echo in me), or 3 (Yes, I identify with this), then total them at the end.


PLEASE (others):

                        I don’t like people leaving me on my own                        (  )

                        I try to look pleased when I’m talking to someone           (  )

                        I’d rather put off unpleasantness                                      (  )

                        I say “y’know” and nod a lot in conversation                   (  )

              I show my uniqueness by the way I dress                        (  )

                        I laugh or giggle when I feel anxious                                (  )

                        I “sugar coat” any requests I may make                          (  )

                        I hide my tears behind a smile                                        (  )

                        I let others go first                                                         (  )

                        I can get agitated when I’m on my own                         (  )




                        Being criticised makes me feel I am not respected           (  )

                        I ask people to explain or justify their mistakes                (  )

                        I prefer to be on time or even early                                  (  )

                        I like to see and keep things neat and tidy                        (  )

                        I tend to walk and sit with an upright posture                   (  )

                        I readily judge and criticise other people                          (  )

                        I gather interesting facts or information                            (  )

                        I focus a lot on details                                                    (  )

                        I like things to be just as they should                               (  )

                        If I wants something done, it’s better to do it myself        (  )



                        I don’t like things being wrong or unfinished                      (  )

                        I tend to start but not finish things                                      (  )

                        I realise (too late) there was an easier way                         (  )

                        I’m sure (often wrongly) I’ll get it right THIS time               (  )

                        I can feel envious when Others get things Right                   (  )

                        I prevaricate over important things                                      (  )

                        I get close to completion and give up                                   (  )

                        I can be totally disorganised                                                (  )

                        I am often late                                                                     (  )

                        I often don’t start at all                                                         (  )




                        I don’t like being delayed or wasting time                              (  )

                        I make haste when it isn’t strictly necessary                            (  )

                        I fail to shop for necessities                                                     (  )

                        I can get agitated when it’s time to get going                            (  )

                        I drum my fingers, wriggle my feet, jiggle my knees                   (  )

                        I take on too much, then rush things                                          (  )

                        I can be clumsy                                                                         (  )

                        I “push” people to get them to speed things up                           (  )

                        I “march” whilst waiting                                                            (  )

                        I walk talk, eat, live fast                                                            (  )



                        I think that being reliant on others is “weak”                                  (  )

                        I play things cool, even if I’m upset                                               (  )

                        I ponder long and hard before committing myself                          (  )

                        I plan to make sacrifices                                                               (  )

                        I load myself with things I don’t need                                            (  )

                        I put up with more (and for longer) than I need to                         (  )

                        I “rescue” people by doing things they could do for themselves     (  )

                        I take great caution                                                                     (  )

                        I wear a mask to cover emotions                                                (  )

                        I may not notice what’s happening in my body                             (  )